Crypto Punk- Live Online Auction

May 13 2021

Camsoda is auctioning off a single 3 attribute CryptoPunk to the masses. Hot on the heels of Christie's auction for a lot of nine cryptopunks with the inclusion of a rare alien, Camsoda is auctioning off a single 3 attribute CryptoPunk to the masses....



March 3 2021

Camsoda announced the launch of “CamSoda Quaranstream,” a program that will pay travelers who are quarantined in a hotel room - some up to 14 days because of international...


Grubuzz - Enjoying the time until your food arrives!

March 10 2021

Camsoda announced the launch of “Grubuzz,” a new technology that harnesses the power of Internet-connected sex toys - aka teledildonics - and sends clitoral vibrations to...


The Diamo - The first wearable sex toy for males

February 4 2021

Camsoda has announced an exclusive partnership with Lovense, a market-leading sextech company to launch the first-ever wearable teledildonic sex toy for men...

More - Free Live MMA Stream

November 21 2020

Camsoda announced today that Fight Circus Vol. 2, “Circus Harder” will take place this Saturday, Nov. 21 in Thailand with the fights you have always wanted to see.


Camsoda Share Cam - Best Dad Bod Contest

September 11 2020

Camsoda just added a new Share Cam feature to its site and is inviting male viewers to unveil their “Dad Bods” to be evaluated by a judging panel of models for a chance at $10,000


The Camsoda Work Study Program

August 25 2020

With the federal government fighting fires on all fronts, Camsoda appreciates the importance of higher education and the difficulties that come with having to pay for it.

More - See the wildest MMA fights in the world.

August 22 2020

CamSoda announced today that it is re-entering the combat sports world with Fight Circus, the fights you have always wanted to see, on August 22 in Thailand...


Covid Safe Pop-Up Studios.

June 29 2020

CamSoda unveiled its plan to deploy pop up studios housing individually sanitized pods for models to broadcast from during the COVID-19 pandemic. ..


Using UV Light to Immediately Zap Semenas it Leaves the Body.

June 18 2020

“Let’s face it, quarantining is hard. Being cooped up – either alone, with a significant other or with roomies – is difficult. To help pass the time over these 3+ months, many people have started feverishly masturbating and engaging in sexual intercourse. With COVID-19 being transmitted through semen...


Learn To Cook From Top Chefs, Dine With Your Favorite Model.

May 28 2020

COVID-19 has decimated the restaurant industry. Thousands of restaurant workers have lost their jobs because restaurants have been forced to close for the foreseeable future. Award-winning chefs are now without work and unable to serve up their signature dishes...


Missing Live Sports? Bet On Our Virtual Pong Tournament.

May 14 2020

Camsoda announced the launch of a virtual pong tournament called “Two Girls, 12 Cups,” which will pit some of the hottest names in adult entertainment against each other and feature odds for people to bet on from leading online gambling company Bovada...